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The Rise of Dragons Podcast

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November 17 2023

Episode 12 of The Rise of Dragons Podcast is up now! The topic for today is Aidan's meeting with King Pauric and Queen Westlyn of the country of Boulton from the third book, The Cry of a Raven! Robert speaks about why this meeting is happening, what the state of the world is at the time and why Aidan was so embarrassed. He also talks about how excited he was to write the third book, what made Queen Westlyn cry and the future of his writing!

Here is the Player FM link, but you can listen wherever you find your favorite podcasts!

May 06 2023

Episode 4 is a special DOUBLE EPISODE this week as a very tired Robert discusses two of Aidan's closest allies, Iskandor the Dragon and Derrick of Delmar!Robert talks about why Aidan and Iskandor are so close and the extraordinary circumstances that led to their friendship.As for Derrick, Robert discusses how he and Aidan came to meet, as well as Derrick's background and why he uses humor as a defense mechanism.

April 07 2023

The first full episode of the podcast is up now! In this episode, Robert talks about the trials and tribulations he had to endure that led to the creation of his first novel, The Roar of a Dragon.  Find out what physical ailments haunted him and how writing was one of the only things he could do.  And much more!

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